School Board

2018 School Board Members

Millie Baird, Chairperson
6681 148th Street NW
Cass Lake, Minnesota 56633
Phone: 218-556-4564

Beth Norenberg, Vice-Chairperson
522 Lyle Chisholm
Cass Lake, Minnesota 56633
Home: 218-335-6657

Matt Erickson, Treasurer
6213 Lower Frontage Road
Cass Lake, Minnesota 56633
Phone: 218-556-0667

Jennie Reyes, Clerk
P.O. Box 143
Cass Lake, MN 56633
Cell: 218-556-8628

Cindy Kingbird, Board Member
P.O. Box 751
Cass Lake, Minnesota 56633
Phone: 218-368-0728

Rick Haaland, Board Member
P.O. Box 781
Cass Lake, MN 56633
Cell: 218-760-6618

Dave Yates, Board Member
16699 68th Ave
Cass Lake, Minnesota 56633
Phone: 218-339-6031

Terri Goggleye, Election Contact
208 Central Ave NW
Cass Lake, MN 56633
Cell: 218-335-2204 ext 6001

2018 Committee Assignments
Chairperson Millie Baird
Vice Chairperson Beth Norenberg
Clerk Jennie Reyes
Treasurer Matt Erickson
Activities Committee Cindy Kingbird, Jennie Reyes and Dave Yates
Bemidji Regional Inter-district Council Cindy Kingbird
Budget (Finance) Committee Matt Erickson, Beth Norenberg & Dave Yates
Buildings, Grounds & Technology Committee Millie Baird, Matt Erickson, Rick Haaland
Food Service Committee Rick Haaland, Cindy Kingbird and Jennie Reyes
Local Indian Education Committee Matt Erickson and Rick Haaland
Meet and Confer Committee Rick Haaland, Beth Norenberg and Jennie Reyes
Minnesota State High School League Dave Yates
MSBA Legislative Liaison Rick Haaland
National Joint Powers Association (NJPA) ECSU Rick Haaland
Negotiating Committee – Licensed Staff Matt Erickson, Cindy Kingbird and Beth Norenberg
Negotiating Committee – Non-licensed Staff Millie Baird, Jennie Reyes and Dave Yates
North Country Vocational Center Millie Baird
Policy Committee Cindy Kingbird, Beth Norenberg and Jennie Reyes
Transportation Committee Rick Haaland and Millie Baird
Meeting Minutes
Board Book Image

Cass Lake Bena Board Meeting Agendas and Minutes are posted online with BoardBook. BoardBook is a Web-based software application that electronically streamlines the preparation of board agenda packets and builds a searchable archive of meeting agenda packets and approved minutes. It opens the door to electronic distribution of meeting materials, to Web posting of finished documents and, ultimately, to paperless meetings. All meeting minutes since October 2016 are archived with BoardBook.

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Board Policies
Consequences for Misbehavior
Health and Wellness Policy
Technology Internet Acceptable Use Policy (Student Copy)
Technology Internet Acceptable Use Policy (Staff Copy)
Academic Eligibility

Policy # Description
101 Legal Status of the School District
101.1 Name of the School District
102 Equal Educational Opportunity
103 Complaints by Students, Employees, Parents, and Other Persons
104 School District Mission Statement Policy
214 Out of State Travel by School Board Members
401 Equal Employment Opportunity
401.1 Hiring Policy
402 Disability Non-Discrimination
406 Public and Private Personnel Data
410 Family and Medical Leave
412 Expense Reimbursement
413 Harrassment and Violence
413 Form Harassment and Violence Report Form
415 Mandatory Reporting of Maltreatment of Vulnerable Adults
416 Drug and Alcohol Testing
417 Chemical Use and Abuse
418 Drug Free Workplace and School
418 Form Drug Free Workplace and School Form
419 Tobacco Free Environment
420 Students and Employees Sexually Transmitted Infectious Diseases and Certain other Communicable
501 Weapons
502 Search of Lockers, Desks, Personal Possessions and Students
503 Attendance
506 Notice of Suspension Form
514 Bullying Prohibition
515 Protection and Privacy of Pupil Records
516 Student Medication
521 Student Disability Non_Discrimination
521 Student Disability Discrimination Grievance Report Form
522 Student Sex Non-discrimination
524 Student Internet Acceptable Use and Safety
526 Hazing Prohibition
532 Use of Peace Officers and Crisis Teams to Remove Students with IEPs from School Grounds
533 Wellness
601 School District Curriculum and Instruction Goals
603 Curriculum Development
612.1 Development of Parental Involvement Policies for Title I Programs
709 Student Transportation Safety
807 Health and Satety