HS Student of the Month

MARCH - 2021
Jordan Howard: 12th grade

  • Jordan Howard has always been a solid student. He is here daily, turns in his work on time, always contributes in class, and overall is a great role model. He was one of the founding students of the cross country team at CLB high school as well. He sets goals for himself and works diligently to achieve them. He's been great to have back in the classroom. He is always willing to contribute and willing to engage other students, both in the room and in DL. Does good work and isn't afraid to approach it from a different perspective. He enjoys challenges!

Emily Dorman: 11th grade

  • Emily has engaged deeply in the material in Native American HIstory, and her contributions to class have been astute and insightful.  The level of care with which she approaches her workand her studies is exemplary.  I'm proud of her decision to take a college level course, both mine and Algebra, simultaneously.

Anthony Chase: 10th grade

  • Anthony has been quietly dominating my Honors American History course.  While he is not super vocal, he attends class, pays attention, asks insightful questions, and then produces well written analytical responses that synthesize a broad array of historical sources and topics.   

Aalydia Jones: 9th grade

  • Liddy continues to impress me every single day. Her positive personality, perseverance, ability to advocate for herself, and desire to be challenged will bring her many successes throughout her life. She plans on attending college at Notre Dame and spends everyday working to get herself there. She is active in sports (volleyball, basketball, and softball) but does not let her busy schedule get in the way of her academics. From talking with Aalydia's mom, she is just as amazing at home as she is in school and deserves to be recognized. 

Desirae O'Connor: 12th grade

  • She was a rockstar last quarter and by far, my best senior. Quality work, wonderful in class, always engaged, and she was a joy to have in class. She is simply and consistently amazing. She has adjusted very well to distance learning. She is always the first student in homeroom and willing to participate in our discussions. She is supportive of her classmates; she has an infectiously positive attitude. She is consistently current with her classroom assignments which she claims she has only achieved this as a senior. Not only is she supportive of her classmates, she is also assisting her little brother with his distance learning studies. Even though our 3rd quarter is just beginning, she has been impressive as a leader, a contributor, and a student who has shown genuine interest in the material.

Mililani Clarin-Mecenala: 11th grade

  • Embraced the subject matter, was always there and engaged, made the class better with her efforts, and produced quality work.

Caraira Jensen: 10th grade

  • Caraira's intellectual curiosity is palpable and her willingness to work hard and ask questions elevated her performance in my classroom.  Caraira continued to think about lessons after they were finished which demonstrates a reflective intellect that is a joy to teach. 

Kaydin Lee: 9th grade

  • Kaydin has shown his ability to be self-aware of his abilities and shown his ability to improve. Attendance has been perfect and works very hard. Wonderful to have a conversation with.

JANUARY - 2021
Timothy Smith: 12th grade

  • Many students are not always willing to engage in conversation during group google meetings, but Timothy always will hold down a conversation and ask follow up questions. He is a polite and courteous young man that is considerate of others and their feelings.

Taryn Frazer: 11th grade

  • She has maintained an excellent attitude throughout the entire span of distant learning. Even when she has started to feel down or struggle, she picks herself back up. Her sense of humor is contagious. She has also maintained excellent grades. She is a straight A Student.

Baylie Brown: 10th grade

  • Baylie is a hardworking and dedicated student who is a leader in the classroom. She's a talented writer and a high-level thinker. She is also an all-around good person and an excellent member of our school community.

Tylicia Graves-Desjarlait: 9th grade

  • ​Tylicia has been working so hard with her classes and her grades lately, it is clear that she is putting in so much effort. She is someone who I am always delighted to meet with and someone who I am incredibly proud of. She owns up to her mistakes and is continuously trying to do better. Talking with her is one of my biggest joys throughout the day, even if it is just checking in. She is very deserving of Student of the Month.

Sierra Charwood: 12th grade

  • She is currently a full-time PSEO student and is taking some VERY difficult classes that are intended for sophomores at college. Although they are difficult, she is working hard to not only receive passing grades but to receive very good grades. She actively seeks out help and continuously advocates for herself. Her communication skills are excellent and she is mature beyond her years. She absolutely shows outstanding grades, exemplary character, and individual achievement.

Joe Briski: 11th grade

  • Last year he really struggled with coming to school and did not receive good grades. He has really turned this around this year. He is attending school regularly, if not daily, and passed all of his classes in the first quarter. When I saw this, it brought a huge smile to my face. This shows personal development and marked improvement in grades. 

TrayVaughn Lee: 10th grade

  • TrayVaughn has had excellent attendance and his grades are very good. He makes others around him better and is looking forward to bigger and better things, and no being stuck while distance learning.

Thorn Post: 9th grade:

  • Thorn Post is a student who joined CLB three weeks before we went in to shut down last year. He does not know any other students, and he is always so outgoing in my class. He helps others with technology when an issue arises and is always willing and eager to answer questions and participate. Thorn is very considerate of others and how they might feel before himself. Thorn has been faced with many challenges in his life and yet he still has a positive and resilient attitude!

Deenaya Reams: 12th grade

  • From the HS staff who nominated her: She's always planning fun things for them to do. During our college rep visits, she always verbally thanks the rep for presenting. She's got excellent questions too! She's always contributing in some way. She demonstrates leadership, outstanding attitude/disposition, personal development, and exemplary character.

Isabel Dunn: 11th grade

  • From the HS staff who nominated her: This school year has been a complete turn around for her. She is attending class regularly and getting much better grades. She really advocated for herself this second quarter as well. She knew that she wouldn't do well by having English first hour so she asked if there was any way that we could move it to a different hour because she really wants to do well. I so appreciated her foresight in this! All of these things show marked improvement in grades and personal development.

Dakotah Paquette: 10th grade

  • From the HS staff who nominated him: Driven. Shows high interest in school work across various subjects and loves to be engaged in the classroom.

Sophie Dunn: 9th grade

  • From the HS staff who nominated her: When I asked the team for support in nominating Sophie, the responses were, "absolutely" and "outstanding student" and "Yes! Always gets her work done on time, usually with lots of time to spare. Vocal in class as well!"