Independent Study Information

Independent Study: Independent Study is open Monday (10:00AM - 2:00PM) and Wednesday (3:00pm– 5:00 pm) with the goal of earning a high school diploma.
To offer students with unique situations an opportunity to continue their education in a self-directed setting. Students will receive all the support they require as well as help create a learning plan that will provide the most successful outcome for their learning goals.

  1. Must be 16-20 years of age.

  2. Enroll, or dual enroll. Register with the principal and ACL student wellness team

  3. Independent Study is not a last resort, but rather an option as what is best for the learner, which is decided with consensus by the family, ACL student wellness team, and student.

  4. All Independent Study student applicants will take the “Successful Independent Study Student Self-Assessment" and sign a self-study contract.

All independent study students must have contact with their instructor(s) at least one time per week. During this time independent study student(s) will sign in at the office and;

  1. Have instructional guidance from an appropriately licensed teacher

  2. Review student work

  3. Clarification of concepts or tasks (as necessary)

  4. Assessment of student work

  5. Get new work and learn why the new work is assigned

  6. Update learning plans

  7. Address social and emotional as whole learner need

Student Work:
Student work will be graded and new work will be assigned. Your instructor(s) will assign you 5-10 units of new instruction, dependent on the success and quality of the work completed. All independent study work will be assigned by the ALC Instructor(s). 30 units= .25 credit. You will need 24 credits divided into the appropriate courses to graduate.
ALC Independent Study students must attend a minimum of 2 hours on site per week.

  1. 1st absence or no work completed the student will receive a warning (not reporting the first week)

  2. 2nd absence or no work turned in the student will be dropped from Independent Study for 30 days (not reporting for 2 weeks)