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Sexual Education and Sexual Health Services
Cass Lake-Bena Schools is participating in the Adolescent Health and Academic Equity Project through the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Minnesota Department of Education to develop a program that improves the health of their students. This goal of this project is to deliver a comprehensive health education, increase access to sexual health services, and establish a safe and supportive environment for the students and staff. Policy 533-1 was developed and implemented in all of the schools effective in School Year 2017-2018. In accordance with Minnesota Statute 144.343 a school referral process has also been adopted and implemented to ensure services are confidential.
Minnesota Statute 144.343: 
Any minor may give effective consent for medical, mental and other health services to determine the presence of or to treat pregnancy and conditions associated therewith, venereal disease, alcohol and other drug abuse, and the consent of no other person is required.